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Kendal Reaves  
Phone: 501-207-1363  
Allen Myers  
Phone:  870-818-8463

Cuz & Cuz Wild Hog Ranch endorses the following businesses:
Xtreme Taxidermy
Let us turn your wild hog trophy into a beautiful wall mount to commemorate your special hunt.  Call us today!  
Head/Shoulder mounts, European mount
Phone 323-380-8444, located in Romance, Arkansas
Visit our
Allen Stewart, Taxidermist
Dongola, Illinois 618-697-2294
Cypress Valley Meat Company, Romance, AR
Providing quality service to process your wild hog meat
Specializing in hog sausage, chops, and hams!
Phone: 501-556-5055

Hope Outdoors, Crosby, TN  
Nondenominational faith based ministry providing outreach to critically ill and severely disabled children and adults through outdoor ministries including "Hope Through Hunting".    
Visit their website for more info:
Searcy Arkansas Chapter - Paul and Christy Parsons
The Hawg Stopper LLC 
Wild hog trap manufacturer located in Camden, AR
Click here to visit their website for a hog trap that really works!
Scent Drifters
Buck Commande's Scent Drifter is a new scent dispersal system that warms your favorite scent and then disperses it into your hunting location with a quiet low-speed fan.  Operates up to 20 hours, fits most brands of scents.
Xtreme Taxidermy Hog mount
Click here to visit Diana Cantey Photography
Click here for information about wild hog hunting
Diana Cantey Photography, Video & Website Design
Specializing in Sports, Equestrian, Outdoor and Portraiture
Diana Cantey Photography is the choice for capturing that special moment. Her portfolio includes high school and college football, Senior and Family portraits, and event photography including horse shows, hunting trips and custom projects. 
Check out her website at: