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Max Clark and the gang at Outdoors in the Delta hunted trophy hogs at Cuz & Cuz Wild Hog Ranch this year and had a thrilling first-timers experience!   Watch their video below and follow along as they encounter white tail deer and lots of trophy hogs!  Filmed by Outdoors in the Delta, courtesy of Jim King
Welcome to Cuz & Cuz Wild Boar Ranch

Located in a natural setting in Albion, AR about 13 miles northwest of Searcy, 
Cuz & Cuz Wild Boar Ranch is THE place to hunt wild hogs in Arkansas.
Our 200 acre ranch was established 2002 and is large enough for the hogs to roam freely in their natural surroundings.  There are 4 ponds on the premises surrounded by rolling hills with lots of cedar thickets, as well as open fields. There are 6 stands on the ranch that are
built by the feeders where the hogs eat daily.  One of our guides will assist you in securing a good hunting area to shoot your trophy.  You will be amazed at the quality of trophy hogs on
the ranch as well as other wildlife.  We appreciate all our customers and hope to see you back at Cuz & Cuz Wild Boar Ranch!
The ranch is family oriented so we accommodate any age hunter so
NO alcohol or drugs are allowed on the premises before or after hunting.
Book your hunt now for the 2012 - 2013 season...

Thanks to all our customers who hunted with us in the 2011-2012 season.  We look forward to seeing you again!

Call or email us to book your hunt soon - our hunts are filling up fast!

For more information visit our BOOK YOUR HUNT
"This was one of our best hunts this season. Cuz and Cuz Wild Hog Ranch is a first class operation and we are planning a trip back to hunt there."
Max Clark, Missouri